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Seamus O'Toole said:   The Big East had the last laugh   2012-2-19 23:36:7
Uhhh, hey dunderheads below who kept making fun of the Big East during the tournament, who WON the whole thing you dopes? Yes, UConn, a BIG EAST team. What a bunch of idiots.

Regarding Notre Dame, yes it was disappointing to go down in the second round to Fla St. That was the worst possible matchup for that Notre Dame team, and the tourney is all about matchups from the second round on. Don't worry, this year's ND team will come out of nowhere with a low seed and make a nice run.

See you later dopes.
zislis said:   Seamus O'Toole is a total Seamus O'Toole   2011-3-22 17:3:6
Enough said. Notre Dame was a joke all season and it finally showed. You talked a lot of smack on a lot of boards. Now, your silence is priceless.

Enjoy the off season. Go cry yourself to sleep with images of Ben Hansborough floating through your head.
blerg1234 said:   open mouth, insert foot   2011-3-21 15:7:10
"The ACC is laughable compared to the Big East." A quote by Seamus O'Toole on the Duke board 2011-3-3.

Is it laughable that the 10 seed ACC team beat a 2 seed Big East team? Perhaps it is laughable that 3/4 ACC teams made it to the sweet sixteen, but only 2/11 Big East teams did.
Mars said:   CHOKE!   2011-3-20 22:28:32

After all that talk, Notre Dame couldn't even get to the sweet sixteen?!

11 BE teams in the tourny, and they combined for 0 wins in the 2nd round against all the other conferences. That's awful. And expected.

Crow347 said:   Re:Re: Eat Crow Crow   2011-3-20 20:47:51
So out of 11 Big East teams, how many made the sweet 16? TWO, can you say OVER-RATED?!?! Do you still plan on trying to convince the world how great ND is?

That's what I thought. Better luck next year homer!
Crow347 said:   Re:ND Tourney Hopes-Revisited   2011-3-20 20:44:49
Don't say I didn't tell you so!!!!

"Perhaps if Notre Dame could somehow manage to convince the NCAA to play all tournament games at the Joyce Center they may be able to make it to the sweet 16!"
Oysterbar said:   Re:Re:Re:Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame   2011-3-14 15:31:54

I just don't quite understand what you guys were expecting. Notre Dame is a six loss team with the #9 RPI ... what about that says #1 seed? In the past five years do you know how many six loss teams were awarded a top seed? A: one (UNC 2007). And its RPI wasn't 9, it was 2.

I love all the chatter about how great the Big East is. For the past four years, everyone has been saying that the BE is the best conference, the BE has the best team, but when the BE has to play good teams from other conferences in March there tend to be A LOT of early exits (Georgetown and ND are classic bracket busters).

The Big East has sent either the most or second most teams to the tourney every year for a decade, but only has 2 National Championships to show for it, compare that with the ACCs 5 in the same decade. If I recall correctly, in 2008 the Big East sent the most teams (8), and not one of them made it to the final four ... not a good showing.

And then there's Notre Dame, which hasn't made it past the second round of the NCAA since 2003. In fact, ND wasn't even invited to the tourney in 2009, 2006, 2005, & 2004. Not exactly a stellar resume for a potential one seed.

Granted most of that's in the past, and the team should be evaluated on its resume as of today. I think ND is a GREAT team, and will probably make it to the Elite 8 (or further). But with 6 losses, #9 RPI, and a team known for its early exits, a 1 seed was not going to happen.

Best of luck to the Irish (that's always fun to say). I'll be pulling for them unless and until they play Duke.
Nate22 said:   Re:Re:Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame   2011-3-14 14:25:58
You could argue this all day.

I could say Duke played as many tourney bound teams as the Big East is putting in the tourney alone. All of which ND played not to mention those teams from the non-conf schedule. Notre Dame wins that one.

I could say look at the final AP poll. ND is 3-0 against opponents that are in that top 10 and 2 of those were on the road. Duke only played UNC and lost the only TRUE road game in Chapel Hill. So Notre Dame wins that one.

If you look at the final AP poll how many teams on there did Duke play this season...3? How many did Notre Dame play. I can tell you this you need more than one hand not to mention they played half those teams multiple times.

I could say they both finished as conf. runner-up in the regular season but which conference was more crediable this year?

We could go round and round all day. RPI doesnt mean anything to me as a fan. Look at UAB...good RPI...good team? Hell no. Unless you wanna count C-USA among the elite conferences in the country which I think I'll refrain from doing.
Seamus O'Toole said:   Re:Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame   2011-3-14 14:3:49
Who cares about top 100 RPI? Teams in the 60-100 range don't get at large bids. Irrelevant.

lets count the good teams. Top 25.

Notre Dame 7 top 25 RPI wins.
Duke 3 top 25 RPI wins (2 against same team)

top 50
Notre Dame 11 wins
Duke 8 wins

top 10 wins on the road
Notre Dame--1

top 20 wins on the road/neutral
Notre Dame--3

Notre Dame has a win vs St John's, the middle of the pack BE team Duke got shellacked by

half the stats cited by Oysterbreath are for the same TWO games (vs UNC at home and in the meaningless conf tourney). Duke is literally living off those two wins, as nothing else on their resume jumps out as particularly impressive. And in fact, UNC only became highly ranked because they BEAT the overranked Dukies. So both teams are living off their reputations by beating each other.

Once again, Duke steals something they don't deserve based on reputation alone. Its a vicious circle which just keeps feeding itself.
Oysterbar said:   Duke deserved a 1 seed over Notre Dame   2011-3-14 9:37:16
Which team profile is better?

Team A--
2 top 10 RPI wins
17 top 100 RPI wins
Beat a top 10 team on a neutral court
Won the Conference Championship
Lost at St. Johns by 15
Coached by world's greatest D1 coach

Team B--
1 top 10 RPI wins
15 top 100 RPI wins
Beat a top 10 team away
Not the Conference Champion
Lost at St. Johns by 18
Coached by a guy who's never been to an Elite 8

Not looking at names, it should be obvious Team A should get a higher seed than Team B.
You would have to be an idiot to disagree, but don't take my word for it, just ask the selection committee :)

Team A is Duke. Team B is Notre Dame.

Before you all go on about how hard Notre Dame's schedule is let's look at their SOS rankings:

Duke: 24
ND: 20

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